Token Creator


How to create your tokens...

  1. Choose your File
  2. Select a Border Option
  3. Change any Border or Background Settings
  4. Click 'Capture' to create your Token
  5. Download and name the Token

Uploading Tokens?

Members of select tiers can upload thier tokens to the Cloud for storage and future access.

When uploading, set your Token's unique name and add descriptive tags for organization and future searches.

Once uploaded, Members can then search their Token Libary to find their favorite Tokens.

The Token Library?

Members of select tiers can log-in and access their personal Token Library.

From inside the Library, update tokens with new names or tags.

When you have the Tokens you want, select one or multiple tokens from your filtered selection to download to your local machine.

Alternatively, drag and drop your tokens into your favorite online roleplaying tool (Roll20, etc).

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Loading Token Library...

Search Token Library

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