Proxima Toolkit

Take a Break from the Grid

Not every tabletop roleplaying game needs to use miniatures, markers, and a grid. Sometimes a game can, or even should, be played in the 'theater of the mind'.

However, even a game that takes place in the mind, sometimes could do with some help to remember where everything is, and for that we have the Proxima Toolkit!

Narrative Positioning

Based on systems such as Fantasy Flight's (Now Edge's) Star Wars and Genesys Systems, The Proxima Toolkit can track your characters (player and non-player) by their range-bands and direction.

User & Generic Image Library

Generic style token library of numbers, letters, and line art symbols can be used alongside supporter personal image libraries for Token creation.

Supporters can also use tokens uploaded from the Token Creator tool on the Ardent Rodent website.

Become a Supporter to Join/Host Sessions on the Cloud

Supporters can unlock additional options based on their teir level to join and/or host sessions online to interact and share the state of the game with fellow players.