Frequently Asked Questions

[Q] What is the purpose of making these tools?

[A] In my personal experience, there are many things in tabletop roleplaying games that can get somewhat tedious or difficult to manage for both players and game masters.

In some ways, the rise of online tabletops have improved or eliminated some of these issues, but I always miss interacting with people in-person. Hopefully these tools can bring some of those benefits to the real table.

[Q] I really get frustrated by [X] when playing tabletop, can Ardent Rodent help?

[A] I can certainly try! Even if you aren't a member or supporter, join our discord or reach out directly for suggestions about elements you think could be improved. I weigh everything against the complexity of the task and the desires from the community to figure out what I'll be working on next!

[Q] Why are you asking for support? Do I have to pay?

[A] I try and make sure that for the most part my tools are at the very least partially usable free and without any membership requirements or costs. Some tools make use of server infrastructure that does have a cost I need to manage and contributions and memberships are a way I am able to offset those costs and 'hopefully' provide a reasonable living for myself and my family.