AR Tabletop

Augmented Reality for Tabletop

Sick of scribbling "Goblin #14, 5 damage" on scrap paper or in the margins of your notebook?

Use AR-Tabletop to scan your table-space and detect your miniatures! Label them and assign their hit-points for use with or without an active camera after scanning.

Multiple Viewer Modes

Scan and label your miniatures, then switch back to virtual space to modify and edit details without needing to focus your mobile device on the game table.

Swap between AR, Static, and Virtual tabletops to interact with your game any way you want.

Become a Member to Join/Host Sessions on the Cloud

Membership benefits for this application is being expanded upon. Members will be able to benefit from allowing other members to view AR Tabletop maps on their mobile devices and on the AR Tabletop Web Viewer.