About [Ardent Rodent]

What is...

I am a (currently) solo developer, with the aid of my amazing family, friends, and supporters, trying to develop digital tools and services to make In-Person tabletop roleplaying games easier and more accessible.

I discovered my love and passion for programming during my career in which I needed to 'wear a few too many hats's.

I was given an opportunity to persue this passion, and I am excited to be developing for our shared passions.


As an extremely passionate and incredibly small opperation, I thought it was fitting to honor those traits (thus, Ardent Rodent).

Over the last decade or two, it has become increasingly easy to simply play tabletop roleplaying games online. There is of course, nothing wrong with doing that, but support and tools for the tableside havent always recieved the same attention.

With a few accessible digital tools, I hope to bridge that gap.

...The Mission

To provide simple, tailored tools to make Tabletop Roleplaying Games more accessible, easier to play, manage, and enjoy.